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Intahub provides high-value IT solutions for the hospitality industry that enables our clients to enhance business performance, increase productivity and grow their customer service. We specialize in building powerful and robust web applications, mobile applications and smart windows applications to cater for complex business needs. Our team compromises of highly skilled and dedicated team of Business Analysts, designers, developers, and Quality Assurance Engineers whose Continuous innovation and quality improvement have made Intahub IT solutions the benchmarks in our industry.


Over time we have grown to be a powerful organization and have significantly expanded our infrastructure, resource base and employee strength, improving our ability to deliver high quality IT solutions Looking back on our extraordinary journey, we have learned, grown and reached great heights in our industry. We look with confidence and great pride towards a future with the hope of playing a role in setting new standards in the hospitality industry.


  • Provide innovative products to our clients enabling them to offer superior service to their guests in the hospitality industry.


  • To be the number one hospitality application provider for the hospitality industry (hotel & Restaurant). To be most quality and innovative hospitality software application development company in the Sri Lanka.


  • To run Intahub hospitality application in each and every hotel and restaurant in Sri Lanka.




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What is IntaPOS ?

INTAPOS (Point Of Sale) is a real time system to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations. It’s simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes INTAPOS a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nationwide chain, INTAPOS will bring a new level simplicity and efficiency in managing restaurant. It will help you to attaining new heights in your business. INTAPOS is the crucial technology component that enables a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls.


Why you need INTAPOS ? Benefits of INTAPOS

  • Going beyond the traditional restaurant management systems, INTAPOS is a modern approach towards better management and customer experience
  • It is very easy to learn and use
  • It is flexible for touch screens as well as desktops
  • Customization Available as per your Requirement
  • Organize what’s important on your customized dashboard.
  • Reduced training burden
    • GUI,intuitive
  • Performance control
    • Individual server reports
  • Sales Reporting
    • Totals
    • How customers pay, what they buy, when they buy
  • Decreased service time
    • Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Quick Service Restaurant
  • Order Accuracy
    • List of fields

INTAPOS Features list

The software also offers variety of modules for configuring your restaurants to enable with Online Reservations facility.

  • Reservation Management
    • Calendar Management
    • Quick booking Management
  • Order Management
    • Normal Order
      • Reorder
      • Order Comments
      • Order Quantity
      • Modifier
        • Remove Ingredients
      • Cover number management
    • Quick booking Management
  • Fast Food Management
    • Direct sales
    • Fast food collects option
    • Save order history
    • Fast food guest Management
  • Tabs Management
    • Save order history
    • Tabs guest Management
  • Fast Food Management
    • Line Discount Management
    • Full Discount Management
    • Complementary Management
    • Service Charge ON/OFF
    • VAT ON/OFF
  • Split Order Invoice
    • Split by cover
    • Split by manual
  • Table Management
    • Table transfer to other table
    • Tabs order assign to table
    • Table merge
  • Kitchen Order Management
    • Kitchen display unit
    • KOT / BOT printing
  • Delivery Management
    • Order Management
    • Guest Information Management
    • Rider & Delivery tracking panel
  • Inventory management
    • Stock Management
      • Purchase orders
      • Good receive note / GRN
      • Wastage management
      • Good transfer note/GTN
      • GRN cancel
      • Stock adjustment
      • Issue out
      • Issue In
      • Create recipe inventory
      • Transaction print
      • Purchase requisition
      • Physical stock entry
    • Recipe Management
      • Recipe management
      • Modifier management
    • Settings
      • Supplier management
      • Unit of measure
      • Item management
      • Open stock management
    • Inventory Reports
      • Item Registry
      • Purchase Registry
      • Food Costing(than 40 reports)
  • Payment Management
    • Payment Methods
      • Cash Payment
      • Cards (VISA/MATRO/AMEX) Payment
      • Cheque Payment
      • City Ledger
      • Duty Meal
    • Single Payment
    • Mix Payment
    • Multiple Payments
  • Admin Panel
    • Cancellation
      • Order
      • Payment
    • User Reset
    • Shift management & Day End
      • Open Shift
      • Close Shift
      • Day end Process
    • Printer Reset
    • Receipt reprint
    • KOT reprint
  • POS Report(Cashier)
    • Daily Sales
    • Daily Product
    • Daily Category

Our dedicated Web Team will cater to your needs with the most unique designs and artworks to match your website requirement.

We specialize in:

  • Content management Sites(WordPress)
  • Static or dynamic content(html,php)
  • Web application
  • Shopping carts
  • Online markets
  • Payment gateways
  • Search Engine Optimization

In a fast world where everything is done on the go, mobile application saves a lot of time from having to sit at a desk and carry out a task. We at IntaHub is capable and experienced in providing you with any kind of mobile application you may need or your organization.

We specialize in Android, iOS and Windows Applications.


Any stable working environment needs a stable network, IntaHub excels at providing total network solutions starting from the design of the network, cabling, setting up, configuring the network and email solution extensively crafted to meet the requirement of an organizations and their budget.

All items provided are under warranty and are of best quality.

  • PoS systems
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Network Equipment
  • Workstations (PCs) and laptops



Free Reservation Service


Colombo Foodie is an online reservation system, built by experts, to help you manage your restaurant effectively and efficiently. We’ve been committed to empowering that experience. From helping restaurants grow and run their businesses, to enabling diners to discover and book the perfect table every time they dine, our story is one of connection—among diners, restaurants, and their communities.Not only will it deliver full service, yield and table management, but it will also help build your customer database and online profile.


  • Table reservation management – run your restaurant more efficiently.
  • Real-time online diary – instantly delivers an accurate picture of each service.
  • 24/7 access through multiple devices with an internet connection – check the diary anywhere, anytime.
  • Online availability on or off – avoid over booking or under occupancy.
  • Comprehensive Reports that will allow you to review and refine all aspects of front-of-house.
  • Direct integration with your POS system.


  • Multiple ways to book – via website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Get a FREE mobile website with genuine diner reviews.
  • Market to your own customer database .
  • Easily set up promotions to increase reservations during quiet time.
  • Take bookings 24/7, even when closed.


  • No hefty set up fee associated with desktop installation with this web-based tool.
  • No commission – free service.
  • Customizable promotions and points redeems.
  • Enjoy working alongside a passionate team.



We are hiring

  • Junior UI Engineer
  • Junior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Product/ Marketing Manager
  • QA Engineer

If the above interests you, please forward your CV with two non-related referees to



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